World of Grief

by I Hate Sex

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WORLD OF GRIEF is free to download until our download codes run out this month! If you download for free, please show your friends!

World of Grief tackles themes of loss, self-depreciation in self-discovery, the black pit that is consciousness, and of course, love.

we hope you like it, and thank you for supporting us xo

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Dog Knights Productions (UK) & Day Crush Recordings (US)


released April 20, 2017

All songs written by I Hate Sex
Nicole Boychuk - Vocals
Ashton Burns - Guitar & Piano
Matt Wayne - Bass
Byron Mayer - Drums

Alex Terakita - Album Cover
Tim Richard - Back of LP, Record Slip & Tape Design
Michelle Belec - Extra Vocals on Mean Pills
Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Doug Organ of Edmontone Studios




I Hate Sex Edmonton, Alberta

four piece screamo band from edmonton, ab canada
est. 2015

i hate sex is -
nicole / vox
??? / guitar
byron / drums
matt / bass

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Track Name: Months & Months
I have no Catholic memories, except for the snake in the garden and the blood smeared on the door-frame

I have yet to eat from my plate

We unwrapped two tall legs on our wedding day, and you haven’t looked back since. Your brown eyes are sinking me like thick mud as you stare through the hole in my head.
It happened when you left.

I’ll leave the light on in case you come home.

I have no memories of peace, or love, or forgiveness. I spend my time in darkness, banging my head against the wall.
Track Name: Dial Tone
Clenched jaw from grinding, its still too tough to swallow

There’s desperation in my voice when I ask “what’s new?”, and you expect a different outcome in all things, but I’ve realised we’re both still seeking nothing.

Do you think that you handled that well? I’ve been banging on every door asking to be let out. I’m finding no solace in our conversations, yet we spoke until we were quiet.

If you love me please respond

Skip a rock in a pond and it sinks
You expect a different outcome in all things
Well, they don’t show you that in the movies
What’s new? I let you consume me
Track Name: And Yet It Moves
I’m counting all my small victories, and calling them yours
The ribbons hang from the hook where we drank champagne,
now it’s hanging from the passenger door where we met at lover’s lane.

The town wakes every day to stab the stake deeper into my vampire heart – you rang me out, and you hanged me to dry. I can’t see my face in the mirror, so I wrote your name in the steam.

It’s getting dark faster these days, but we keep on driving.
The last I heard was your laughter, and it’s holding back the water.

I’m counting all my small victories and calling them yours.
I’m counting all my small victories, and I’m calling them yours.
Track Name: A Certain Kind of Luck
He waved but I swear he was sitting dead in his truck, and I’m smoking what’s left of this pipe-dream.
I’m envious of everyone with a front seat.

Today I wish you saw me
I just fucking wish you saw me

One for Sorrow
Two for Joy
Three for Love
Four if I die
Five for heaven
Six for hell
Seven for reminiscing on the love my heart is missing
Track Name: The Flood
hell is other people
Track Name: Voodoo Dolls of Old Friends
I thought I’d be full after devouring your affliction but the empty ache in my stomach still exists, and it feels the same as when you did.
I wish I grew green off your pain, instead of every time I checked in;
but the card blinks red, and I haven’t left my head.
There’s no more gain.

When you cut me down I’ll stain your name into the ground.
I wish I was the light to guide you home; but instead I’m just the fly on your wall, looking for the meaning of what you hold close and what you decided to let go.
I’ll cut myself and you’ll bleed out.

Mourning our death though we smile every week but hiss through our teeth.
Shine and shine but nothing removes the tarnish.
We are spoiled rotten. We were spoiled, rotten.
Turning in this grave for two, forgotten.
There’s no more gain.

When you cut me down I’ll stain your name into the ground.
I wish I was the light to guide you home; but instead I’m just the fly on your wall, looking for the meaning of what you hold close and what you decided to let go.
I’ll cut myself and you’ll bleed out.
Track Name: Worry
I’ll wait till you get home to pull my head from the oven,
Most days we wear such heavy boots, we melt straight from the ceiling
But every day you scoop me up and mold me into something new

Please Don’t Go, Please Don’t Go, I’ll Eat You Up, I Love You So

You sprout from my throat, past my lips. I miss you whenever you’re not between my fingertips.

Please Don’t Go, I’ll Eat you up, I Love You So.
Track Name: Mean Pills
I melt like the witch when I see your crucifix
And I want to do everything evil

Cross my heart hope to die
Stick a needle in my eye

Only death is real, and I want to do everything evil!
Track Name: Weird Dream, Conscious Stream
Weird Dream: Saw you in hell
Conscious Stream: Did I Die? Am I Lucky?

Weird Dream: You stared straight through me, never blinking
Conscious stream: Can you see me? Am I hidden?

Weird Dream: Hit my head, blood everywhere.
Conscious stream: Do we still share the same enemies? I'm always thinking

Weird Dream: Woke up buried in your curls, still half asleep.
Conscious stream: Am I really awake? Will you keep me?

Count my fingers, pinch my skin.
Repeat until my intention is set.
I think I see another life,
I think I’m in another life.

Weird Dream, Conscious Stream.
Track Name: No Exit
Each grain of sand makes the loudest thud. I’m losing you faster than I thought I would. You’re ice that’s melted into what I can’t hold. You’re the change in my pocket, keeping me weighted, but lately you’re bringing me down. I was the right size to fill a void in your life; you’re the casket door closing on mine. I swear, I’ll have the coins for Charon this time.

It’s emptying to watch your dreams be poured into another cup

I haven’t had a safe mind in a while, you smashed my limbs together and I found out that was the easiest way to suicide. When I ask you to take me back to the water, please hold me under.