Split Tape w​/​Low Level

by I Hate Sex

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Nathan_is_happening I can't believe that Nicole could possibly have a throat, an esophagus, or lungs anymore, after recording this. Jesus, these are the most intense vocals I've heard in years. Favorite track: old new girlfriend.
Michael Luszczak
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Michael Luszczak suffering so sweetly Favorite track: new new girlfriend.
Joshua Teixeira
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Joshua Teixeira i can't wait to blast this at the beach.
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Jorge A beautifully sad dream. Favorite track: weird dream, conscious stream.
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recorded at the chess house, september 2015
by i hate sex and patrick earles
mixed and mastered by matt mckeen

nicole - vocals
ashton - guitars
jibril - bass
curtis - drums

lyrics and artwork by nicole
you can hear low-level's side and order the tape here:


released December 10, 2015




I Hate Sex Edmonton, Alberta

four piece screamo band from edmonton, ab canada
est. 2015

i hate sex is -
nicole / vox
??? / guitar
byron / drums
matt / bass

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Track Name: weird dream, conscious stream
Weird Dream,
saw you in hell.
Conscious Stream,
Did I die? Am I lucky?

Weird Dream,
that you stared straight through me,
never blinking.
Conscious Stream,
Can you see me?
Am I hidden?

Weird dream,
Hit my head
blood everywhere.
Conscious stream,
Do we share the same enemies?
I’m always thinking

Weird dream,
Woke up buried in your curls
still half asleep.
Conscious stream,
Am I really awake?
Will you keep me?

Count my fingers,
Pinch my skin
Repeat until my intention is set
I think I see another life
I think I’m in another life

Weird dream
Conscious stream
Track Name: old new girlfriend
I forgot to stamp my train ticket, but they let me go quietly
I walked thirteen blocks side by side a black cat, and thanked my luck
I see this light through the fog, and I think that it’s suppose to be you but I’m unsure
because I’m continuously taunted by the moon.

Can we meet again in three years? Be tied together a red string, and a gold band
I wake up in the morning, still half asleep with you, singing in my head
I walked through an art gallery today and marvelled as the marble statues glistened the same way you did in the sun
I felt anxious because I’ll never know if I’ll get to feel the way that your hands feel in a place that’s not my dreams

I’ll never know what your heart line reads, never know what your life line reads
I’ll never know what your heart line reads, I’ll never know what your heart…reads.
Track Name: new new girlfriend
Chained to a mattress, where more things were taken then you thought you had
and somehow, it’s your fault.

Even an Ouija board couldn’t bring back what you took from me
Choked by an unseen force
Strangled in your white sat(a)in sheets

We met in a graveyard, and it took two hours for you to burn to ash
but I kept a piece of your wrist bone and left you with the mortician to put you in the trash

In distance I thought I’d a find a part of myself that I hated, but instead all I found was sexual abuse.

No one sees the handprints that you left on me
no one sees the bruises that you made me think I asked for
and no one sees the ropes unless I’m hanging from them

you are my ball gag and chain
you are the ball and chain
you are my ball and chain

Maybe in another world you’ll be forgiven
but today I hope when you look at your hands
All you see is